Who We Are

How We Started

Hi! We are Gelo and Vanessa, founders of Bare Bars.

Back in 2018, we both started to practice a “plastic- light” lifestyle. We couldn’t remember what exactly triggered it, but we guess it was our love for traveling. There are soooo many beautiful places in this world and it would be a shame to spoil them just because we don’t know how to properly manage all the plastics and wastes that we bring along. So we started with baby steps like sticking with our eco shopping bags, water tumblers, switching to steel straws, bamboo cutleries and even on personal care products like our bath soap, then shampoos and conditioners. We actually started with branded one, it was the only brand we knew that time that offers shampoo bars and honestly we didn’t find it economical, it was pretty hard for us to sustain because it’s a bit pricey. So we thought, hey, why don’t we try to make our own bars.

We were actually apart that time, Gelo was based in Singapore, Vanessa in Manila. So it started with doing researches, it was too complex on Google and yet too good to be true on YouTube, so Vanessa attended actual workshops instead. We did a lot of trial and errors, until we found the right set of raw materials and then perfected the formula that works for us. We’re pretty happy with the bars we came up with and we thought to share them with family and friends.

After getting positive feedback, we thought to take it further and offer it to more people, hence opening it up as a small business, ta-da!! BARE BARS! We took it as the chance to encourage more people to consider using bars by giving them a more accessible & sustainable alternative.

What we Offer

We specifically wanted to appeal to fellow travel lovers like us hoping to reduce polluting the places we’ll visit with single-use sachets and plastic bottles. So for our shampoo and conditioner line, we were one of the firsts to make “travel size” bars and offer them in travel kits or tin cans. It also serves as our “trial size” because we thought it was an easier way for us to encourage more people who are already interested to switch but not yet ready to fully commit to the regular size (and a bit more pricey) bars, because they’re not sure if it will work for them.

As for what the bars are made of, the ingredients and our formulas, it was an intentional move from our end to focus on essential oils and maximize its benefits. We understand that hair needs vary from person to person and fortunately we are blessed with so much EOs that can help address those varying needs. And that’s how we came up with our seven (7) shampoo & conditioner bar variants. Since we have EOs already, as much as possible we don’t use much scented oils and keep our formulas as natural as it can get. So you’ll be assured that it’s not just good to our planet, but good for you too.

We are also slowly expanding our product lines. As we get to meet more and more like-minded people and supportive partners turned friends, we knew we can further contribute by offering more natural and accessible alternatives apart from shampoo and conditioner bars. We now have our all natural scalp scrub, “Scralp”, our “Dry Shampoo”, “Fitness Mat / Yoga Mat Spray”, "Candle Melts", "Body Soaks" and hopefully soon we get to finalize and launch more hair, bath and personal care products.